Grass is greener….Where?

“The grass is greener on the other side,”
You use this proverb to express your feelings when you realize the things other people have or when their situation looks better than your own. However they may or may not be really so, yet we perceive them to be. We tend to believe that ‘The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’. Often, we compare our homes to those of others, or our relationships or the work we do, all seems so mundane and so the other side starts seeming greener. For instance, take your work place, often we say, that school is better, they do this, that work is nicer, even in a relationship we say something similar; other’s relationships seems more perfect than our own, Grass is indeed greener on the other side. Then comes along someone wiser and gives us a thought to live by- ‘Try to be content where you are, rather than thinking that things are better on the ‘other side’, than my side’. So, begins our journey of contentment. We start being happy and content in what we have, however have you ever wondered why can’t we have both the sides, our side and the greener side. Another thought comes to mind, as often when we reach the other side of the fence the grass doesn’t seem Greener anymore? I sat wondering about all these questions.
I then heard someone say yet another phrase and it stuck with me: The Grass is Greener where you water it. This quote got onto me like magic, I could make sense of the world and what was happening to me. I was content and yet had greener grass. I stopped complaining about my life and situations in my life. If I wanted my job to be better, I had to water it and nurture it and likewise for my relationship, if I wanted it better, needed to water it. The grass on the other side is greener, because someone else is watering it and nurturing it and your side Grass is arid because it lacks your attention and nurturing. That other side Green grass doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to the person watering it and that is the reason when you reach the other side the Grass doesn’t seem greener. So whichever side you are on, just make your grass green.
It is in our hands to water our grass, we have that power. If your grass starts becoming scorched, here are some ways to water it:
Identify what you want: You must get a hang of your wants and direction
Know why do you want it: You must know why you want something to drive you through and take actions for when you are faced with the challenges and struggles
Why is it that you still don’t have it: Is it that you have never wanted it so much in life or what are you waiting for, so don’t blame anyone for what you haven’t been able to achieve because you haven’t done enough to get it, haven’t watered your grass well
What is it you are not doing to get the results: Distraction, procrastination and casual attitudes lead to arid grass on your side. Get going and moving out of your comfort zone.
At the end, I would only say that Grass is always Greener on the side it is watered, rest is all perception. We have the power to choose to make our side Greener or Arid.

Pushing your limits

One reaches success only when you push your limits and perform beyond the regular. These days I see so many youngsters giving up even before they start, and this starts from student’s requests coming in for changing a sport to an activity, because they find it boring, hard, no friends, to endless reasons. This generation doesnt realise the meaning of consistency and gathering strength in staying put where they are for a while. It is indeed true that ‘rolling stone gathers no moss’, interestingly this proverb has two interpretations- people who keep switching and aren’t consistent never go deeper in their roots and never get a sound holding of anything and the other interpretation can be that people who keep moving are always fresh with ideas and dont stagnate. Now both meanings are so diverse in their interpretation, yet one thing is common to them, in both cases one needs to continue to push themselves, to roll or not to roll.

So you may be of any school of thought- rolling stone or stationary stone you must remember to push yourself hard and work towards success in each case. Hard work is a must, only know when to loosen the grip for a little break and then get back to the hard work regime again.

Thinking about life

I wrote this piece nearly a year ago…while sitting by my mother in law’s bed side..may her soul rest in peace, lost her a month later that year

Sitting in the hospital ward, with nothing to do, no internet works, nor did I pick something to read as well. There is no chance of sleep, well I know about survival of the fittest, but this is not a survival situation in terms of physical strength but yes it is about mental survival indeed.  As I sit on this hard stool, I have all the time of the world to think about anything and everything. The challenge is what do I think? Has Digital age stopped us from thinking I have started to wonder? Have we become puppets in the hands of machines? Or have we become machines ourselves? That our brain needs continuous stimulus to function well. This hospital ICU ward No. 1, bed no.4 makes me wonder what life is really about  and yet we love the materials and want them and run after them. As I sit on this wooden stool, I try and think of the worst things people may have done for survival and then I consider myself very fortunate, that my situation is much better.

First blog post

My inspiration for starting this blog is a budding young blogger, who is just about 8 years old. His confidence through the blogs and otherwise speaking to him, encouraged me as well to take to Blogging. Generally I am not much of a blogger, in the past also I have tried to put together my thoughts often. This time, my inspiration may lead me longer and I may be able to sustain my interest in writing the blogs. Well if an eight year old can, sure I too can try. Sometimes in life you meet people who make such a difference to you, and they are not only known personalities, they are people whom you meet around the corner or on a bright sunny morning.

I must also mention another aspect to this story of my blogging, I am the Principal of the school where my 8 year old inspiration is a student, interesting aint it? There is so much to learn from these young minds everyday, who says one has to only read Freud, Plato, Aristotle or Karl Marx to gain knowledge and talk philosophical in child’s language ‘talk big’.- Think big, Dream big, Believe big, Act big and the results will be big…… some unknown philosopher, but says it so simply.